Labor and Delivery

At Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center, you will receive personalized care from our highly, experienced staff. The nurses and staff of the Women’s Services unit have experience in caring for surgical, chronic and acute care GYN patients. The unit is designed for both gynecology and obstetrics patients as well as antepartum, postpartum patients and newborns. Throughout your
stay, the staff of the Labor and Delivery unit are on hand to care for you and your infant.

Waiting areas are available to family and friends along with easy access to the nursery viewing area. Women’s & Children’s services also offers informative classes for expectant parents and families to help better prepare you for their new arrival.


At Women’s and Children’s Services, we know that there is nothing more joyous than the beginning of a new life. Our friendly, compassionate and understanding staff can guide you and your family through this exciting experience. The goal of our maternity unit is to focus on what’s important, welcoming the newest member of your family. Special delivery best describes our obstetrics program at Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center. The arrival of a new family member is regarded with the level of thoughtful, compassionate care deserving of one of life’s most blessed events.

Upon admittance, the hospital offers labor rooms in a home like, relaxing environment. Behind the scenes, fetal and maternal monitoring equipment checks the condition of both mother and infant throughout the birth process, ensuring health and safety.

A Caring Environment

Expectant parents expect high quality from their hospital and staff. Comfort and safety for patient and baby are important. From pre-admission to discharge, patients and families can depend on our highly skilled delivery team of CRNA’s, nursing staff and physicians trained for professional and quality care. The comfort and safety of mother and child are our top priority. To promote quality care for your newborn, the maternity area at Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center includes a wellstaffed newborn nursery.

After delivery, your newborn will be taken to our nursery. This unit is both a special and routine care nursery and is staffed by Neonatal Resuscitation Program certified personnel. The personnel are available to assist you with the transition from hospital to home to include breast feeding instruction, bathing and the general care of your infant.