What is Hospitalist?

Welcome to Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center. While no one likes to be sick or injured, we will make every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Our goal is to get you feeling better quickly. You have been admitted to a “Hospitalist” doctor. We would like to take a moment to make sure you understand what that means and address some of your concerns.

Our Hospitalist are trained in primary care and are dedicated entirely to the care of hospitalized patients. Because Hospitalists do not have clinics, they are located in the hospital throughout the day and available 24 hours a day.

What About My Regular Doctor?

Many doctors have found that caring for patients in a clinic and the hospital at the same time can be difficult. Some have chosen to focus on the outpatient or clinic role and to use the Hospitalist to care for their patients when they get admitted. They trust that we will provide quality care for their patients and return them to their care upon discharge from the hospital. We will be in regular contact with your primary care doctor. We will make sure that they know you have been admitted to the hospital, what your medical issues are, when you are discharged and anything significant that happens to you while you are here.

When you are discharged, we will send information to your doctor informing them of your medications at the time of discharge and any needs that you may have. We will also help you arrange a follow up appointment with your doctor before you are discharged. If you don’t have a regular doctor, we will work with you and the hospital staff to find you a suitable medical provider for follow up from the hospital. The information about your hospitalization will be sent to that provider when you are discharged so that they will know your medical situation and any needs you may have.

Advantages of Hospitalists

The Hospitalists have more expertise in caring for complicated hospitalized patients on a daily basis. They are also more available most of the day in the hospital to meet with family members, and able to follow up on tests, answer nurses’ questions, and simply deal with problems that might arise. In many instances Hospitalists’ may see a patient more than once a day to assure that care is going according to plan, and to explain test findings to patients and family members.

Due to the fact that the Hospitalists are in the hospital all of the time, they are able to track results and order necessary follow up tests promptly. This in contrast to the traditional setting where your primary doctor may come to the hospital the next day to follow-up the results and take the next necessary step at that time.

So the next time you or someone you know are admitted to EOMC, don’t get offended that your primary care doctor will not be caring for you in the hospital. Rest assured that the Hospitalist doctor rendering the care has the qualification to provide you optimal care during your stay with us.